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Teams FAQ

frequently asked questions about teams

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What exactly is a team? A team could be just one person sending in a check, or 15 people donating through the web site, or a couple of friends coming to the Walk with or without matching t-shirts, or your own family, or any combination of these.

How many people are in a team? Teams can be as large or small as you want.  Some have had up to 100 online donations and others have fifty members attending the Walk, but it's perfectly fine to have only one or two members on a team.  Of course it's great for us if you have lots of members who make a lot of donations - the Walk is a fundraiser, after all.

What constitutes team membership? The definition of "team member" is loose.  Donors choose a team when they donate, but you can have team members who come to the Walk without donating money, and team members don't even have to physically attend the Walk.  The important thing is that team members care about supporting patients, families, and each other in whatever way is best for them.

What are a team captain's responsibilities? The team captain is the main point of contact between us (the Walk organizers) and your team. We may send this person one or two messages before the Walk. Other team captain responsibilities are up to you.

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Can I come without a team? Absolutely yes.

How many teams are there each year?  It varies.  You can see the number of teams last year on our team honor roll page.

Are there awards for top teams?  At the Walk, we recognize the three teams who raise the most money, and we list the top ten on our web site.  Unfortunately, we can only keep track of monetary donations, although we recognize that people give in many different important ways.

How do we make team t-shirts? One of the more economical ways that teams make t-shirts is to create the design on their computer, buy iron-on transfers, and make the t-shirts themselves. Other teams choose to have them made professionally.

To whom should checks be made payable?  Please make checks payable to Duke University, and please put the code 14RH (for 2014 Rainbow of Heroes) in the memo field.

Where do we send the funds we raise? While donating through the web is popular, checks are always great.  Checks can be mailed to us ahead of the Walk through our Duke Box:

Scott Mofield 
DUMC Box 3350
Durham, NC 27710

Please do not mail cash.  Teams can also deliver donations, including cash, to us the day of the Walk.

Do you have a sponsor form / sponsor sheet for our use? Here you go (31K Adobe Acrobat file).  Using this form is completely optional, at your discretion.  We created it for your convenience.

How do we raise money? Any ideas/suggestions? Here are some ideas:

  • Send out an e-mail to friends, family, and coworkers asking them to support your team! Be sure to include a link to the Walk web site (http://rainbowofheroeswalk.org), or a link created with our special team-link tool, to allow them quick access to secure online donations.
  • "Advertise" on your personal web site.
  • Ask local restaurants to donate a percentage of one day's sales to your team. Then advertise to everyone you know to eat at the restaurant on that day!
  • Host a dinner and ask guests to make a contribution based on what they'd pay if they went out to eat. Solicit local restaurants to donate the food.
  • Car washes, bake sales, and yard sales are always a hit!
  • Krispy Kreme Doughnuts has a program in place to provide groups with fundraising opportunities. Visit their web site http://www.krispykreme.com for more information.
  • Make homemade soaps or candles to sell.
  • Sell team t-shirts! It's a great way to create team unity and raise funds at the same time.
  • Sell rubber bracelets with the team name or other message. These are inexpensive to make and will be unique to your team.
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