Donating to the Rainbow of Heroes Walk is easy.  Donations can be made as a part of a Walk team or individually. 


Make A Donation For a Hero

The Family Support Program is solely funded by the generosity of outside individuals, groups and companies. Thanks so much for making the lives of our families easier!

Donate Now
If you have a team name and you are ready to make your donation, we have this new "Donate Now" button linking you to our new gift page site. The new site will not have a drop down list of the team names, please make sure to add your team name where indicated on the gift page, so we can caculate your team totals. Thank you being one of our valued teams and for all your incredible support!

Rainbow of Heroes Walk Team

A team is a group of people with a shared purpose. At our Rainbow of Heroes Walk, this means supporting families who have gone through the transplant process. That support can take many forms and we are grateful that so many people form teams to help raise funds for the Rainbow of Heroes Walk and the Family Support Program. 

When starting a team, designate a Team Captain. The Team can recruite walkers, set up team fundraising and keep everyone excited and motivated. If you would like to have a team captain packet and sponsor sheet, please click on these links to print out the forms or you can send a note to and she would be happy to send you the forms.

Create a New Team:

Mobile device users can email team information to


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